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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Held

25 May 2016

The annual General Meeting of Shareholders and a meeting of the Board of Directors of PJSC Tatfondbank were held on 25 May 2016.

The General Meeting of Shareholders approved the Annual Report of the Bank for 2015 and the annual accounting (financial) statements. By decision of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders the Board of Directors of the Bank was formed in its previous composition consisting of 10 members. It included Ildar Khalikov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Robert Musin, Chairman of Tatfondbank’s Board of Management, Alexander Belgorodsky, Danil Volkov, Ildus Mingazetdinov, Yelena Murashova, Farit Musin, Airat Sabirzanov, Alexander Slesarenko, and Alexey Terekhov. The composition of the Bank’s audit commission also remained unchanged.

The meeting approved audit companies to carry out the mandatory audit of annual accounting (financial) statements for 2016 financial year under RAS (OOO Bankovsky Audit ) and to carry out the audit of consolidated financial statements for 2016 financial year under IFRS (OOO Ernst and Young ).

The decision of the meeting approved the Bank’s related-party transactions in accordance with Chapter XI of the Federal law “On Joint Stock Companies”, which can be performed by the Bank in the normal course of its business over the period until the next annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The ceiling amounts were established, for which such transactions can be fulfilled, provided the regulatory standards, limits, and other indicators set by regulatory documents of the Bank of Russia are complied with.

The meeting approved the Charter of the Bank, the Regulations for General Meeting of Shareholders, and the Regulations for the Board of Directors in their new versions, and also made decisions on the other issues of the agenda.

The meeting of the Board of Directors held on the same day re-elected Ildar Khalikov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, as its Chairman. The Board of Directors retained unchanged the structure of the committees and their chairmen. The committee for strategy and corporate governance is headed by Robert Musin, Committee for audit and risks – by Alexey Terekhov, Committee for personnel and remuneration – by Yelena Murashova.

The Board of Directors considered issues related to cooperation with AO OEZ Innopolis, Mayor’s office of Innopolis city, and ANO VO Innopolis University, provision of charitable assistance, planning of its activities, and a number of other issues.

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